What’s new in Gutenberg v4.0? (11th October)

Our 40th release is going to be a long one. Main changes are the introduction of a new data structure for RichText that will allow building sophisticated interfaces for inline content that we can make portable and relevant to mobile too. It also has improvements for blocks, a way to set a different color as the overlay for Cover Image, a new font size picker that is clearer to use and scales much better, a… Read More »

Gutenberg Phase 2 Leads Announced

Matt Mullenweg announced Gutenberg Phase 2 leads. Alexis Lloyd will led design & product side, and Riad Benguella on the technical side. Phase 2 is about thinking outside the box, namely the post and page box, to allow Gutenberg to handle entire-site layouts. It will replace widgets with blocks, so any block will be able to be used in any registered “sidebar” for legacy themes, and will upgrade “menus” to a navigation block. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v3.9?

This new release completes some cool additions to the editor. It includes the ability to create reusable templates by selecting multiple blocks in the editor. It then allows exporting and importing these templates using a JSON file transport. There’s also a visual diff mechanism for comparing options when a block was detected as invalid (which could scale in the future to improved UX for revisions as a whole), toolbar groups can be defined as collapsible… Read More »