Two ways to build Gutenberg Blocks

This post by Jason Bahl demonstrates two approaches to build custom Gutenberg WordPress blocks. He builds a custom Testimonial Block using ACF and than completely hard coded. A great article to understand what it takes to build a custom Gutenberg block from scratch or using ACF. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v4.4? (15th November)

This update should coincide with the last beta release (5). The highlights include. Permalink can now be accessed in the Document sidebar. Some long-standing usability issues were improved. It’s now also possible to remove core panels from the Document sidebar by plugins. Plenty of bug fixes. Performance Improvements. Some Documentation updates. Read official post for details. Read More »

3 Tools to create custom Gutenberg WordPress Blocks visually

Gutenberg is the new Block editor for WordPress. It is scheduled to be released bundled with the WordPress 5.0 in November. You can read more about this on our Blog as we curate and share everything related to this new editor for WordPress.  There has been a lot of excitement in the WordPress community about this new Block editing experience where everything will be a block. Gutenberg comes with a bunch of very standard… Read More »

A Plea to Defer the Release of Gutenberg

Gutenberg as part of WordPress 5.0 is expected to release on November 27. But the WordPress community have many concerns and questions about the release timeline. After the Joost de Valk, here is another open letter and a plea by "Imagely" to postpone the WordPress 5.0 release at-least January 2019. Read the post to find out the questions and concerns raised by Imagely. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v4.3? (12th November) This update gathers a big number of fixes and improvements. It also completes many accessibility tasks. Here are some highlights. ✅Allow toggling the core custom fields meta box. ✅Introduce an API to handle annotations. ✅Add URL validation to link input in RichText. ✅Improve interactions around Columns block. ✅Add transformations between Video, Image, and Media & Text block. ✅Add speech announcement for multi-selection of blocks. Read the official post for more. Read More »