The row layout block by Kadence plugin is a super powerful container block.  This row block will let you group any Gutenberg blocks and apply styling options to create a nice section. This block will let you create a complex layout structure easily. Once you add the block, you are presented with multiple popular column structures to choose from. Additionally, the amazing feature this block offers you is the variety of pre-built section layouts. This is a growing library of premade sections available to be added on the page or post by just one click. So either you start blank by selecting a column structure or can start with a premade layout. The columns width in this block is adjustable, so you are not limited with fixed column widths. Further, this block also has the popular shape divider feature built-in, so you can add those nice fancy SVG shapes on the top and bottom of your section to make a section stand out. And you get all the most needed options to style your content and section nicely, such as background, margin, padding, overlay, height, width, etc. And there are responsive options as well to make it better on mobile & tablet.

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