This is a core block and thus available by default in Gutenberg WordPress editor. No download required.

The WordPress Video Block in Gutenberg allows you to embed a video player on your page or post. Similar to image block, you can upload your video file, select a video from the media library. You may also insert a URL of the video hosted on a supported video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. If you insert a video URL the video block will be converted to the respective video embed block automatically.

Video Block Features

The Video Block toolbar has alignment options. And you can also write video caption by clicking the write caption text.  The block has some nice options in the sidebar settings panel. You may enable autoplay, loop and muted options. You can also disable the player controls option to hide the controls bar from the player. You can also set a poster image which displays on the page load until the video starts playing. There is also preload option similar to the audio block, you can set it to preload the video on page load, preload only metadata or none.

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