WordPress 5.0 is here finally!

And here comes the most awaited WordPress update v5.0. Here begins the new era of WordPress. Enjoy the new Block editor codenamed Gutenberg. Wait for the Official announcement for more details. Read More »

New Gutenberg WP 5.0 Release Date Announced

Matt has announced the new release date for WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg. It is now targeting Thursday, December 6th, 2018. That is just one day before WordCamp US. Not ready to upgrade your website? You can enable classic editor plugin to keep using the classic editor as you have it now. Read More »

What’s New in Gutenberg v4.6? (30th November)

This should be the final “what’s new” installment for 5.0 — the 46th overall — accompanying the second release candidate which is also just released. The Gutenberg plugin has also been updated to match core. The changelog here is a bit longer as it updates from 4.5.1. Read More »

WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate is Out

The first release candidate for WordPress 5.0 is now available which includes Gutenberg as the default editor. The WordPress 5.0 release date has shifted from the 27th to give more time for the RC to be fully tested. A final release date will be announced soon. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg? (20th November)

Gutenberg 4.5 🐮and WordPress 5.0 (RC) is released. Highlights include. ✅ Add minimal multi-selection block panel ✅ Respect the “Disable Visual Editor” setting per user ✅ Perform a complete draft save on preview ✅ Upgrade admin notices 🐞 fixes More details on the official post. Read More »

Gutenberg in the apps: what to expect

📢 Progress of bringing Gutenberg to mobile. 🗓 Alpha, December 2018 🗓 Beta, February 2019 ⁉️ Beyond the beta - Not scheduled yet, follow along on the gutenberg-mobile repo to stay updated with the progress for mobile app updates. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v4.4? (15th November)

This update should coincide with the last beta release (5). The highlights include. Permalink can now be accessed in the Document sidebar. Some long-standing usability issues were improved. It’s now also possible to remove core panels from the Document sidebar by plugins. Plenty of bug fixes. Performance Improvements. Some Documentation updates. Read official post for details. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v4.3? (12th November)

https://cloudup.com/ijr7rBpsypm This update gathers a big number of fixes and improvements. It also completes many accessibility tasks. Here are some highlights. ✅Allow toggling the core custom fields meta box. ✅Introduce an API to handle annotations. ✅Add URL validation to link input in RichText. ✅Improve interactions around Columns block. ✅Add transformations between Video, Image, and Media & Text block. ✅Add speech announcement for multi-selection of blocks. Read the official post for more. Read More »

The Classic Editor plugin supported until December 31 – 2021

The Gutenberg project is a fundamental shift for WordPress. We recognise that there will be a transition period as everyone adjusts to building plugins, themes, and sites using these new tools. To ease the transition for businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s been mentioned that the Classic Editor plugin would be maintained officially until December 31, 2021. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v4.2 RC-1? (31st October)

Gutenberg v4.2 release candidate has been out. This update includes several fixes, refinements, performance improvements and other updates to the user experience and the different layers of APIs. Notably, it concludes the cycle for the formatting API to extend Rich Text components allowing to extend its controls more easily. Checkout the full list of updates. Read More »

WordPress 5.0 Schedule Updates

Gutenberg 4.2 (API Freeze) has just been released, and we’d like to have a WordPress 5.0 Beta including those updates. Additionally, there are a few more known bugs and tasks to complete in WordPress 5.0, before we can tag a Release Candidate. With that in mind, we feel it’d be prudent to allow for some extra beta time in the WordPress 5.0 schedule. Read more. Read More »