What’s new in Gutenberg v4.1 RC-1? (19th October) – Make WordPress Core

This update is considered to be the feature complete for starting the WordPress 5.0 cycle. Highlights include a block navigation system that can be used to access child and parent blocks within nested blocks easily. It also works as a way to navigate quickly through all the blocks in post. This is a top level affordance that works as a “path” finder and would be the basis for many of the phase 2 layout implementations.… Read More »

The New Woo Adopts Gutenberg Components, User Interface Driven by React

The new dashboard is a landing page where store owners will be able to see at a glance how their store is doing. The new interface is powered by the React JavaScript framework, specifically the React components that are part of the Gutenberg project. It’s modular, allowing users to add, move, and remove blocks. Developers will be able to extend the dashboard and provide custom blocks. Read More »

What’s new in Gutenberg v4.0? (11th October)

Our 40th release is going to be a long one. Main changes are the introduction of a new data structure for RichText that will allow building sophisticated interfaces for inline content that we can make portable and relevant to mobile too. It also has improvements for blocks, a way to set a different color as the overlay for Cover Image, a new font size picker that is clearer to use and scales much better, a… Read More »

Gutenberg Phase 2 Leads Announced

Matt Mullenweg announced Gutenberg Phase 2 leads. Alexis Lloyd will led design & product side, and Riad Benguella on the technical side. Phase 2 is about thinking outside the box, namely the post and page box, to allow Gutenberg to handle entire-site layouts. It will replace widgets with blocks, so any block will be able to be used in any registered “sidebar” for legacy themes, and will upgrade “menus” to a navigation block. Read More »

Proposed WordPress 5.0 Scope and Schedule

???? Finally we got Gutenberg Launch Date Gary Pendergast Proposed WP 5.0 Scope and Schedule: Beta 1: Oct 19, 2018 RC 1: Oct 30, 2018 Release: Nov 19, 20182nd RC 1: Jan 8, 2019 2nd Release: Jan 22, 2019 Worried about your vacations? Share your thoughts. Read More »