Color Palatte Block For WordPress Gutenberg

Check out this creative "Color Palatte Block" created by @ajitbohra. This allows you to quickly create & display color palette(s) by adding colors within Gutenberg WordPress editor. Collection of colors is displayed in Polaroid/cards style. Read More »

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks – Gutenberg Addon – Quick Look

Advanced Blocks plugin by @maximebj brings additional awesome blocks for the new editor, for a real WYSIWYG experience. Like any other plugin, this one is also in the active development stage. There are some really cool blocks already available to use and more to come. Advanced Gutenberg Blocks Advanced Blocks bring awesome blocks for the new editor, for a real WYSIWYG experience By maximebj  0 Less than 10 Active Installations Plugin page lets walkthrough the plugin features and… Read More »

Block Options – Gutenberg Addon – Quick Look

Another new shiny plugin by Phpbits Studio @phpbits. This plugin brings more power to Blocks. A really useful plugin if you wish additional controls such as conditionally show/hide certain blocks on a page/post. This is a freemium plugin, with the free version available now and premium in works. Let&;s review the free version of the plugin and find out all it can do and how to use it. Video Walkthrough Plugin Features The free version of… Read More »

Reusable Gutenberg Blocks Widget – Gutenberg Addon – Quick Look

A new shiny plugin by Phpbits Studio @phpbits. This plugin brings Reusable Blocks to widget areas. A really useful plugin if you wish to inject your blocks to a widgetized area into your WordPress theme/website. For example, if you wish to add a nice little simple gallery to your site's sidebar or footer, simply create it using Gutenberg editor on any page and save that as a reusable block. Then use this plugin to inject… Read More »

Organic Profile Block – Gutenberg Addon – Quick Look

This  plugin is built by Organic Themes.  The Organic allows you to display personal or team profiles on any page of your website. It includes options to add a profile image, name, title, biography, and social media links. The social media options include icon links to personal profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email. The is an excellent solution for creating author profiles on posts, staff or employee pages, and testimonials. Screenshots Video Walkthrough… Read More »

Contact Form 7 Block – Gutenberg Addon – Quick Look

A very simple built by Andrei Lupu ( @euthelup ) from @ThemeIsle @codeinwp.  This brings a new block "Contact Form 7" to the Editor. Use this to add your contact form to a page. There are not much fancy options just now. A really simple block to use if you use Contact Form 7 plugin. Screenshots Quick Video Walkthrough CF7 Block in Action Download Plugin Read More »

Guten-Bacon – A Lorem Ipsum Gutenberg Block

Here comes a Gutenberg block to add some nice dummy text/filler text on the fly to your page/post. This is built by Roy Sivan @royboy789.  This block may come handy in different use cases such as to fill a mockup page with dummy text. There are not many options for now and it doesn&;t render the dummy content in the editor view. However, it output the filler content on the front-end fine. Of course, like any… Read More »

GutenKit – Guttenberg Addon by Rich Tabor

 is an upcoming suite of Blocks designed to help you build better landing and sales pages within . The plugin is currently being developed in sperate individual block plugins.  Let&;s take a at the current available blocks you get with . Note that that this plugin right now is in development and not adviced to use on a live website. Spacer Block This block allows you to easily add vertical spacers to space out your… Read More »

Caxton – Gutenberg Addon by PootlePress – A Quick Look

Caxton is a plugin developed by PootlePress. Available at WP repo. At the time of writing this post. Currently, there is just one block "Posts Grid" however it is expected that more blocks will be added later. Let&;s have a quick look at this addon. Beautiful Posts Grid Block This addon brings an awesome posts grid block which allows you to add nice posts grid on any page. Let&x27;s have a look at some screenshots first. Screenshots… Read More »