Reusable Blocks Extended

This Gutenberg extension brings more power to the Gutenberg Reusable Blocks feature. This plugin is developed by Jean-Baptiste Audras who is one of the focus leads of WordPress 5.3. Gutenberg has a great feature called “Reusable Blocks” which lets you reuse your content across the whole website. This plugins extends the reusable blocks by adding more features such as:

  • Add Reusable Blocks dashboard informations
  • Activate Reusable Blocks admin screen
  • Provide a list of Posts where each Reusable Block is used and the date it was last modified
  • Provide a live preview of the block from the Reusable Blocks admin screen, with your theme stylesheets
  • Provide a Reusable Blocks Widget to use your block anywhere you want in your theme’s widgets areas
  • Provide a Reusable Blocks Shortcode to use your block anywhere you want in your Post types (even if they use the Classic Editor rather than Gutenberg!)
  • Provide some Reusable Blocks PHP functions to use your block anywhere you want in your theme even

The best part is the live preview however that is experimental as of now. If you are using reusable blocks functionality, do checkout this plugin.

Custom CSS

This Custom CSS extension for Gutenberg by Blocks CSS plugin allows you to add and apply custom CSS to any Gutenberg block right inside the Gutenberg editor. The great thing about this plugin is that all the CSS changes applies in the editor, thus you get a live and instant preview as you apply any CSS code. It adds a syntax-highlighted CSS Editor where you can add additional CSS to your Gutenberg Blocks.