Instructions – Browser Extension

Thank you for installing the browser extension. For now, the extension only contains the templates library, however, we plan to add more features to it soon.

Watch the video or read the instructions below it.

How to Use It

Simply click on the extension icon from the browser.

That opens up a popup. Click on the Categories button.

You will see all the categories for which we have FREE templates available.

Now simply click on a category to browse templates. Keep scrolling down to view all the available templates in that category.

Then hover over a template you want to use.

You will see two buttons. Copy Code & Copy CSS. Simply click on the copy code button and paste it in the editor at the point where you want this section to insert.

It should be it if you are using the recommended Block CSS plugin to handle the custom CSS.

Otherwise, you need to copy the CSS code as well and use it on your website/page your way.