How to Duplicate Block in WordPress

Duplicating blocks can be a helpful technique when building a website with WordPress. It allows you to quickly create multiple copies of a block, saving you time and effort. Whether you want to reuse a design element, create a consistent look and feel throughout your site, or save time by not having to recreate a block from scratch, duplicating blocks can be a valuable feature.


Select the block you want to duplicate by clicking on it.


In the top navigation bar, click on the More Options button (denoted by three dots).


From the drop-down menu, select the Duplicate Block option. The block will be duplicated and added to the post or page below the original block.

An alternative way to duplicate a block


Select the block you want to duplicate by shortcut. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D (on Windows) or Command+Shift+D (on macOS) to duplicate the block.


The duplicated block will be inserted immediately after the original block. You can then move the duplicated block to a different location in the post or page by dragging it to the desired position.

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