Introducing Gutenberg Hub Chrome Browser Extension

Following the enormous response to the Gutenberg Templates Library, we launched last week. I am super excited to present to you our very first Chrome Browser Extension.

GutenbergHub Chrome Extenssion

For now, this extension allows you to browse the templates library but stay tuned for more featured added to this extension.

Install it to help yourself work faster in Gutenberg!

Even though it is already super easier to copy and paste any template from the Templates Library. But to make help, you create fantastic page layouts faster; we build this browser extension for you.

? Watch how easy it is to browse and insert templates while you are working in the Gutenberg Editor.

The goal is to make this browser extension the best companion for WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Why a Browser Extension?

I know you must be thinking about why the hassle to build a browser extension rather than a WordPress plugin.

First of all, I am not against the Plugin approach; actually, that is why WordPress is so powerful CMS. I am just trying to find a new way to keep things simpler for something that may not require a plugin to be installed.

Also, this approach is not suitable in all cases, but it looks better for this use case.

This might be a new concept for many WordPress users to install a browser extension. However, I think this is a better approach in many ways, such as:

  1. Eliminates the need to install a WordPress plugin on every website you wish to use Gutenberg Templates ( or other features we will add to the extension for Gutenberg users).
  2. No performance issues to your server/website because of the resources a plugin uses.
  3. No trouble to keep updating the plugin to make sure your website is secure.

How it Works

It is as simple as with the Templates Library itself. Install the extension by clicking the image below.

GutenbergHub Chrome Extenssion

And follow the instructions explained in the following video.

Or, visit the Instructions Page to read the latest instructions.

Update: Unsplash Images Integration

Now besides adding the templates in Gutenberg, you can also quickly insert/update images in Gutenberg editor using our chrome extension. Here is a quick screencast to show you how it works.

GutenbergHub Chrome Extenssion

What do you think?

I hope you like the idea and that it helps you. Please do let us know what you think about the Gutenberg Templates library and this browser extension. Your feedback & suggestions will help to improve it.

Leave a comment or reach us via social channels.

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