Introducing Gutenberg Blocks Library & More

Hey there, this is Munir here. And today, I am excited to put in the final puzzle of my efforts to make website creation super easier for everyone with Gutenberg WordPress editor.

Background Story First 😊

It’s a little boring one, so you may skip to the exciting part if you wish.

Just a little background. I started GutenbergHub mainly to keep everyone updated with all the Gutenberg development and resources. But later realizing the need, I launched aΒ Gutenberg Templates Library, and that gets a lot of excellent positive feedback. However, in the process of creating those hundreds of Gutenberg templates, I realized that Gutenberg core blocks are lacking a lot of styling options that we used to see in page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver, etc. And that forced me to write custom CSS to style the content, but that was not something a non-techy user can easily edit/modify when using my templates. Now there were few options available that I could take, but those were not perfect and missing bit and pieces here & there. So finally, I decided to build a plugin also that enhanced Gutenberg’s core blocks & Editor itself that would help create beautiful designs in Gutenberg editor. And this plugin was the final pice of the puzzle for me to offer super lovely and customizable Templates. That’s how the Editor Plus plugin born. πŸ˜€

While the templates are great for creating beautiful websites faster, I also felt a need for custom blocks. Now for the blocks, there are many 3rd party block plugins available that bring a lot of blocks. But I wanted to make use of the core blocks as much as possible and let users add only those blocks that they need. So after some thinking and planning, I figured the way to do it is by using the core blocks as inner blocks and with the customizable options of the Editor Plus plugin. So this is how the Gutenberg Blocks Library project initiated. πŸ˜‡

Gutenberg Blocks Library πŸŽ‰

I am pretty excited to launch this unique Gutenberg Blocks Library at GutenbergHub. This will be a growing collection of ready-to-use Gutenberg blocks as similar to the Templates Library. How is this unique? Here are some of the highlights of this library.

  • Copy/Paste Blocks – Only pick and add the block(s) you need.
  • Built with Core Blocks – All these blocks are mostly using the Gutenberg core blocks as inner blocks.
  • Fully Customizable – All the blocks are visually customizable using the EditorPlus plugin.

How to add blocks to your website?

This is where I invested much time in making the process as smooth and easier as possible. You need to browse the blocks, copy the one you need, and paste it into your website using the EditorPlus plugin. Make sure you have EditorPlus plugin installed and active as it servers two purposes.

  1. Lets you add new blocks copied from GutenbergHub.
  2. Customize the blocks to your need.

Assuming you have the Editor Plus plugin installed, follow the steps explain in this video to add a block.

That’s how easy it is. Further, you can Deactivate a block or delete it if you won’t need it. So add only those blocks that you need, and that also based on Gutenberg core blocks.

NoCode Gutenberg Style Editor – Editor Plus

I have yet to write it’s release post but, let me give you a quick introduction of this beast as it is mentioned here. Editor Plus enhances the Gutenberg editor with more features simple. Currently, it has the following extension.

  1. Styling – This extends Gutenberg’s core blocks with many visual styling options. This is the one that makes it a ‘NoCode’ visual style editor for Gutenberg.
  2. Custom CSS – This enables a custom CSS box for each Gutenberg core block and a Global CSS box in the admin area. This makes the power users happy.
  3. Blocks – This is what this post is about; this enables you to copy blocks from GutenbergHub and manage them.

But that’s not it; this plugin will evolve further with more features to help you create beautiful websites in Gutenberg, effortlessly. The Next extension would be for icons. I have hinted about it on my twitter @m_munirkamal.

What to Expect from GutenbergHub?

Well, I have almost put together the pieces needed for you to work with the Gutenberg editor. This is literally the hub of all you need for Gutenberg. Be it:

  • Blocks
  • Templates/Patterns
  • Tutorials
  • Resources
  • News & Updates

You can find something useful here when you need it. My focus was and remained here would be to provide you with tools and resources you need to build excellent websites using Gutenberg editor.

So now, as the puzzle has been solved, and I have developed a system in place, I will add useful templates & blocks to the library. I will write helpful tutorials for beginners or non-techies. And continue adding more features to the Editor Plus plugin.

Let’s get connected.

I’ve set up a Facebook Group where we can build a great Gutenberg community to help each other and also discuss your needs related to blocks & templates to improve the library.


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