Introducing Gutenberg Template Builder

Following the great success of the Gutenberg Templates Library and the GutenbergHub’s chrome browser extension, I am excited to share this Gutenberg Template Builder.

The Gutenberg Template Builder ?

This is right now, kind of a prototype to gather the feedback and suggestions from Gutenberg WordPress users. The idea is to let you quickly generate full-page layouts by adding desired sections from the Section Templates Library.

Copy & Paste in Gutenberg When Ready

Once you build your page template using different section templates, you need to Copy & Paste the Template in Gutenberg, similarly to how it works for our Gutenberg Templates Library.

Copy the full page code
Paste in the Gutenberg Editor

Custom CSS & 3rd Party Blocks

The templates may require custom CSS or 3rd Party plugins installed. All these details are explained in the Templates Library introduction post. please read that.

What do you think?

As mentioned in the start, this is a prototype project for now, and I am looking for your feedback about it. just two questions for now.

  1. Is this something useful to you?
  2. What are the features you suggest to improve it?

Can you please share your feedback via comments to reach out to me via social channels.


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