5 Useful Plugins Every WordPress User Should Try

WordPress is fantastic, but it gets even better with the right plugins. If you want to improve your website, check out these useful plugins that make things easier.

Attachment Taxonomies

Attachment Taxonomies is a handy plugin that adds categories and tags to your media library. This means you can organize your pictures and files in a way that makes sense, making it easy to find what you need without any hassle.

Post Type Switcher

Post Type Switcher is a real game-changer when it comes to content management. It simplifies the process of changing the type of your posts with a straightforward drop-down menu. Think of it as a quick makeover for your content – turn a blog post into a standalone page or switch things up hassle-free.

Enable Media Replace

This plugin allows you to swap out images or files in your Media Library without the usual delete-and-reupload routine. It’s a great plugin for those who find the process of updating images a bit tedious. Plus, it plays nicely with WP Offload Media, making media management even smoother.

Public Post Preview

This plugin creates a special link that lets others preview your drafts before they go live. It’s perfect for sharing a sneak peek with clients or team members who may not have direct access to your site.

Gutenberg Detector

Gutenberg Detector helps you manage your content with ease. It adds a column to your post/page table, indicating whether a post uses the Gutenberg editor. This is particularly handy as WordPress transitions to the Gutenberg editor, allowing you to identify which posts are still using the Classic editor.

In Conclusion

Adding these five plugins to your WordPress toolbox can make a big difference. They make organizing media, managing content, and collaborating with others a breeze. Explore what each plugin has to offer, and share your experiences or suggest other plugins that have proven useful in your WordPress journey. Happy exploring!


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