Copy Block Template code with 1-click

Just added a nifty little feature in our Chrome Browser Extension that lets you copy the selected block(s) template. What is Block Template? Block Template is simply a collection of blocks with predefined attributes and placeholder content. This is quite a powerful feature of Gutenberg API, using this we can create new custom Gutenberg blocks using the built-in core blocks easily. Read more about Block Templates from the official Gutenberg Handbook. What does this… Read More »

Introducing Gutenberg Hub Chrome Browser Extension

Following the enormous response to the Gutenberg Templates Library, we launched last week. I am super excited to present to you our very first Chrome Browser Extension. For now, this extension allows you to browse the templates library but stay tuned for more featured added to this extension. Install it to help yourself work faster in Gutenberg! Even though it is already super easier to copy and paste any template from the Templates Library. But to… Read More »

10 Stunning Button Hover Effects for Gutenberg Button Block

Gutenberg button block lets you create a nice button overall. But, if you need a nice interactive button, apply one of the following stunning buttons hover effect. Providing you with ready-to-use CSS to apply a nice hover effect to any default Gutenberg button block. Simply choose an effect you like, assign the class to the button and use the provided CSS. 📝 Few Things Note: Make sure you select "Outline Style" for the button.Make sure… Read More »

Gutenberg Migration Guide

This repository documents WordPress Classic Editor customization points and their Gutenberg equivalents (if such exist). Its goal is to help WordPress developers update their plugins and themes for Gutenberg compatibility. Read More »