Toolset commits to Gutenberg with the launch of Toolset Blocks

Toolset has become the first major plugin to announce its commitment to Gutenberg by releasing Toolset Blocks. While other major page builders are releasing new updates in an attempt to compete with Gutenberg, Toolset’s developers have rewritten it to run inside the WordPress Block Editor.  Toolset Blocks brings dynamic content to Gutenberg. It also allows you to create a number of important features that every custom website needs including content templates, designed archives, and a… Read More »

Qubely a full-fledged Gutenberg block toolkit – Quick Look

Qubely is a Gutenberg block plugin developed by Themeum that aims to expand on the limitations of the default block editor. It focuses on responsiveness and customization as its main feature and brings 25 rich blocks designed to add tons of styling options. Let’s dig deep and find out all that Qubely free has to offer.  Row Block The Row block can create a multi-block layout with varying widths. This row can house up to… Read More »

WooCommerce 3.8 brings 4 new Gutenberg Blocks

WooCommerce 3.8 is live. This update brings four new Gutenberg blocks. Reviews by Product BlockReviews by Category BlockAll Reviews BlockProduct Search BlockThese blocks have been added to WooCommerce for the Block Editor, which has been part of WordPress since 5.0, aka Gutenberg. Read More »

New plugin finally treats Reusable Blocks as first-class content in wp-admin

A free plugin released to the repository extends wp-admin to give Gutenberg's new Reusable Blocks the same level of priority as other content types on your WP site. The plugin adds Reusable Blocks to the wp-admin nav. Fabrica Reusable Block Instances adds the block editor's Reusable Blocks to the admin sidebar, with both a list screen to help you quickly access and edit your existing Reusable Blocks, and see where they're already used, and… Read More »

Grids – Layout builder for WordPress

Just found an amazing free plugin to let you visual draw custom grids in Gutenberg and then you can add your blocks inside. Consider it as a with the ability to design your own grid layouts. It is clearly the best section or I have ever come across till date. This section block will let you choose either the standard column layouts or as mentioned earlier you can draw (literally) any grid layout as you… Read More »

Gutenberg Blocks Design Library – An easy way to build your page layout in minutes

With the Gutenberg Blocks Design Library, you can create complex layouts directly in the browser. This plugin is a real asset for agencies and web designers who want to start using the new WordPress editor but find it too complicated when it comes to creating advanced page designs. You have now all the tools needed to create live web mockups for your client designs. Gutenberg Blocks Design Library provides pre-built sections designs using only the default core blocks… Read More »

How to disable any Gutenberg blocks?

Maybe you need just a couple of blocks from a multi-block plugin you have installed, but that plugin brings a bunch of other blocks as well. Why clutter the block inserter with blocks you or your clients will never use? Fortunately, there’s a new plugin that solves this problem. Disable Gutenberg Blocks ‘Disable Gutenberg Blocks’ allows you to remove all the blocks you have no plans to use, leaving you with just the ones you do. The… Read More »

3 WordPress Plugins that brings advance Container Blocks for Gutenberg

Gutenberg Editor has a Column Block which allows you to put your content in columns. But it currently lacks even some basic features which you will need to make your content stand out. Fortunately there are other plugins which brings container blocks with more features to help you. I have picked up 3 good & FREE plugins which includes a Container blocks (kind of). They are not placed in some particular order, simply pick one… Read More »