Pressing FAQs about Gutenberg: the new editor in WordPress 5.0 by Yoast

Yoast SEO gathered top frequently asked questions about the new editor in WordPress 5.0: Gutenberg. This will help you get up to date. Here are the list of FAQs: A little refresher: What is Gutenberg? When will WordPress 5.0 arrive? Will my site break when I update to WordPress 5.0? I want to test Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0, but how do I do that? I’m a bit hesitant to update to WordPress 5.0, can I… Read More »

Implications Of Thinking In Blocks Instead Of Blobs

Interesting article by Leonardo Losoviz at Smashing Magazing. In this article, he shares a number of implications of building sites through a component-based architecture (as the concept) and through Gutenberg (as the implementation), including what new functionalities it can deliver and how much better it can integrate with current website development trends. Read More »

A Plea to Defer the Release of Gutenberg

Gutenberg as part of WordPress 5.0 is expected to release on November 27. But the WordPress community have many concerns and questions about the release timeline. After the Joost de Valk, here is another open letter and a plea by "Imagely" to postpone the WordPress 5.0 release at-least January 2019. Read the post to find out the questions and concerns raised by Imagely. Read More »

Gutenberg And Youth (Generation X and Generation Y)

In preparation for WordCamp Orlando talk by David Bisset entitled “The Next Generation Of WordPress Users” He conducted a small survey via Google Forms at a local public high school with approximately 40 students to see what they thought of Gutenberg. The overall reaction was positive. Find out more. Read More »