How to Recreate a Wix Website in WordPress Gutenberg Editor

If you have made a wise decision to move your Wix website to WordPress, see how I recreated the Wix landing page in WordPress Gutenberg Editor very easily.

Required Plugin

Gutenberg has enough blocks built-in; I’ve not used any additional block plugin. The only thing missing is more styling controls. For that, I’ve developed a plugin myself, which is the single plugin used for recreating the Elementor’s landing page in Gutenberg.

Watch the Video

This is a little longer video as I walk you through the complete process of recreating the Wix landing page in Gutenberg. At the start of each section, I explain exactly what blocks I used and how I will create it in Gutenberg. I hope this will teach you something useful.

Elementor to Gutenberg

I’ve also posted a detailed video on how I recreated Elementor landing page in Gutenberg similar to this one. You can checkout that post if you like to know how I did it.

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If you are using or getting started with Gutenberg, I encourage you to join us over facebook where we help each other.

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