The Gutenberg Complexity Fallacy

There was a post published on WP Tavern this morning about the difficulty of the simple task of placing a left or right aligned image in Gutenberg—something that seems trivial in the classic editor. This feels like a common trend in complaints about the new editor. That the equivalent process in the classic editor was faster and required fewer steps. Let's check if that is true or not in this post. Read More »

Get Ready for WordPress 5.0 Or Learn How to Disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg is the new block editor for WordPress CMS. It is currently being developed as a feature WordPress plugin. It will get merged into core, replacing the current TinyMCE editor in the WordPress. Getting Ready for Gutenberg WordPress Editor Gutenberg is a completely new editing experience. While it is really interesting and please to work with, but, it may bring some issues to your website if your WordPress theme or plugins you are using are… Read More »