FREE Gutenberg Course: WordPress 5 Essential Training

To celebrate the release of WordPress 5.0, Linkedin Learning has unlocked the brand new WordPress Essential Training course for the next three weeks. That means you can watch it for free! This is a really great course covering the new WordPress editor Gutenberg in depth. Morten explains how to create and publish posts and pages; create and edit blocks, and define reusable content blocks to take full advantage of the new block editor codenamed "Gutenberg".… Read More »

3 Tools to create custom Gutenberg WordPress Blocks visually

Gutenberg is the new Block editor for WordPress. It is scheduled to be released bundled with the WordPress 5.0 in November. You can read more about this on our Blog as we curate and share everything related to this new editor for WordPress.  There has been a lot of excitement in the WordPress community about this new Block editing experience where everything will be a block. Gutenberg comes with a bunch of very standard… Read More »

5+ Top Gutenberg Courses for Users and Developers

Gutenberg is the new visual editor coming with WordPress 5.0 soon. This changes completely the way you have been using or developing for WordPress. If you are willing to learn Gutenberg, I have curated the top Gutenberg courses for everyone. Gutenberg Courses for Users As Gutenberg is a completely new way to write your content using a Visual Block Editor coming in WordPress 5.0, you may need to learn it now. This is a completely… Read More »

The Gutenberg Complexity Fallacy

There was a post published on WP Tavern this morning about the difficulty of the simple task of placing a left or right aligned image in Gutenberg—something that seems trivial in the classic editor. This feels like a common trend in complaints about the new editor. That the equivalent process in the classic editor was faster and required fewer steps. Let's check if that is true or not in this post. Read More »

How to Add an Image to A Paragraph Block in Gutenberg

The process of adding images to paragraphs currently seems a little hard in the Gutenberg Editor, it will likely improve after WordPress 5.0 is released but until then, the Classic editor wins this use case. Checkout the test accomplishing this in both Gutenberg and the classic WordPress editor. Read More »

How to add CSS shapes to Gutenberg WordPress Gallery Block?

The Gutenberg WordPress gallery block allows creating images gallery grid with the options to adjust columns. That itself looks good and neat. However, you can easily apply some CSS shapes to give your WordPress image gallery new look. There are different ways to apply CSS shapes to your Gutenberg . I tried to choose the simplest and easiest way for you to follow using clip-path. We will be using a free online CSS Shape Generator… Read More »