How Will WordPress Gutenberg Affect the Enterprise?

In this article, Karim Marucchi at @crowdfavorite go into detail about what the update actually means for large-scale businesses. He explain essential information about how the new framework might affect existing enterprise-scale sites and how these changes can be proactively navigated. Read More »

Video Block – Overview & How to Use Guide

The allows you to embed video files and play them back using a simple player. Video Block Description Videos are the important part of a content, and makes adding videos to your content really simple. So let's see what the video block can do and how to use it. Video Walkthrough of the video Block… Read More »

Cover Image Block – Overview & How to Use Guide

Cover Image is a bold image block with an optional title. Description If you like to add a hero header like section on a page or post, cover image block would allow you to do that. This block allow you to add title over a background image. Let&;s have a close look at cover image… Read More »