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How to use Gutenberg

Gutenberg is expected to ship in WordPress 5.0. The release dates for WordPress 5.0 has been announced officially.  If you are a WordPress user and have WordPress websites you should start exploring Gutenberg today. Even though you will be able to disable Gutenberg with a plugin, but that won’t benefit you in the long run.

Gutenberg will be included in WordPress core as a default editor. Almost every other plugin and theme developers out there will do best to make their plugins & theme compatible with Gutenberg. And you will see a ton of awesome new Gutenberg addon plugins & themes in the near future which you will wish to use. So ultimately you will have to use Gutenberg (WP default editor) sometime later.

Concerns about Gutenberg & WordPress 5.0

Now I know you may have a lot of concerns about what happens when the Gutenberg will ship with WordPress 5.0. Such as:

  • What If I wish to use the old editor?
  • Will Gutenberg break my WordPress website?
  • Will Gutenberg support meta boxes such as ACF, etc?
  • Will Gutenberg work with my custom post type?
  • Will Shortcodes work with Gutenberg?
  • Will Gutenberg work with my theme?
  • Is Gutenberg a page builder?
  • and more…

Fortunately, there is a great piece of article by TinyMCE, discussing all those concerns. I must suggest you read through this post here to find out answers to your concerns. I know that is not official, but very logical and authentic.

Get Ready for Gutenberg or Learn How to Disable it Guide

Official Gutenberg User Guides & Resources

I am not aware really of an official guide on how to use Gutenberg at the moment. The only official resource you may follow is the Make WordPress Core blog. I will make sure to update this if any official Gutenberg guide/resource comes out.

Gutenberg Tutorials & Courses for Users

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